This post was originally published on this siteRabbi James Jacobson-Maisels discusses a drasha by Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira about Shabbat HaGadol. Rabbi Shapira is revered as a leader of the besieged Jewish community in the Warsaw Ghetto during WW II. Please let us know your comments and thoughts about the podcast, write us For more information about Pardes, visit our website, Credits Larry Kluger – Creative Consultant Arlene Harel

This post was originally published on this siteChamisha mi yodeah? Who knows five? We know five! Meir Schweiger, Rahel Berkovits, Neima Novetsky, Zvi Hirschfield, and Levi Cooper are five brilliant Torah scholars who inspire their students each day in the Pardes Beit Midrash. And they are about to inspire you now with their wit, wisdom and insight in our “Tidbits from the Haggadah” video series. Click on their videos and